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Free Sudoku Puzzles Online

What is it that makes you enjoy playing games? Some people love the mental stimulation that word games or puzzles provide. Other people love to play mindless little addictive games that pass the time between periods of activity and yet still others play in order to have a friendly (or sometimes not so friendly) competition among friends. But no matter why it is that you play the games that you play they can be so addictive that you find yourself taking up most of your day playing them. Here is a breakdown on why people play games, perhaps you will be able to fit yourself into one of these categories.

1. The Time Waster - This person plays games just to pass the time, either at work or at home when they have nothing better to do. The problem with being a time waster is that the game playing often spills over into the periods of time that should be productive

2. Busy Minds - The person who plays games for the stimulation needs to have something that is constantly occupying their minds at all times. These people generally like puzzles, word games and sudoku and they play them addictively.

3. The Competer - This person plays games to compete against other players. They often find themselves frustrated if things aren't going their way with the game. They don't care if they play against someone online or if they play with them in their living rooms, they just love competing.

If you find yourself in one of these categories there is only one thing that you can do, play more games.

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