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Free Sudoku Puzzles To Print

There is a common consensus among educational experts that children today watch too much television and/or play too many computer games. Giving children puzzles to occupy their time and talking with them about their animal or other object will engage their brain to integrate the different senses such as visual, hearing, and touch for a longer attention span. Increased sensory integration and co-ordination are the result.

Children, when introduced to puzzles, will enjoy marvelous learning experiences as well as the opportunity of playing creatively when offered brightly painted chunky wood puzzles. Puzzles including animals, fish, birds and sea life are a perfect learning tool for your Sunday school classrooms and for parents who want a toy that will quickly become a child’s favorite.

Enhanced storytelling using puzzles as “props” creates easy social interaction with your children. Asking open-ended questions about the animal or object will encourage children to use their imaginations and new exciting “dramas” will explode. Stimulating your children’s’ imaginations will make teaching fun and exciting for both the teacher and the child.

When storytelling is finished and the children have time to play with the puzzles by themselves, opportunities for improved hand eye coordination abound. Fine motor skills and increased attention span are another great benefit of playing with puzzles.

Also consider incorporating ABC and number puzzles in your child’s learning development. Visually seeing the letters and numbers and having to put the puzzle back in the numeric or alphabetic order will enable your child to learn quicker. Because of all the bright colors and different sized pieces they will have fun and stay with their “task” for a longer period of time.

Keep the puzzles you give your child age-appropriate. You do not want your child to become discouraged with something that is too difficult for him. Watch your child play and see how he reacts to the puzzle. If you see him getting too frustrated and giving up you can try and work with him for awhile or maybe give him an easier puzzle to begin with.

Remember to select puzzles made of quality, sustainable hardwoods and other eco friendly materials. You will also want to purchase products that pass the highest standards set up by the U.S for child-safe paints.

Your child deserves the best toys that provide enduring quality, thoughtfully produced and thoroughly fun!

Garolyn Bowen

Retired administrative assistant with an AA in Accounting and diploma in Web Site Design. Owner and operator of All I Can Imagine - a website selling children's learning and fun toys. After retiring in 2006 designed website and became a volunteer with AARP as well as an usher at a local fine arts concert hall. I am an amateur musician. View our complete line of toys @