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Free Sudoku Puzzles

Search Engine Optimization doesn’t have to be complicated. The key thing is to remember that each and every page of your web site is a unique entity and has to be treated appropriately for search engine optimization. Four basic rules should guide your efforts:

1. Get the keywords right. Make sure you’ve selected words that meet your marketing criteria. Picking words that are too general will only result in being one of millions. More specific words will result in higher rankings. Make sure, however, that the words you choose are usable. Example: ‘sudoku puzzles’ and ‘sudoku games’ have two completely different rankings; ‘search engine optimization’ and ‘optimizing search engines’ do too.

2. Use keywords in your page titles. Many people use inappropriate names or their company name in the page titles. Yet that’s not the way people search. Each page should have the appropriate keywords for that page.

3. Use keywords in your title tag, and meta tags. For each page, be sure to include the appropriate keywords in the all the page tags. Don’t be glib about the meta description either. Make the description as alluring and interesting as possible – including the keywords. Many search engines actually use the meta description as the citation that is displayed on a search!

4. Use the keywords in your content. At the end of the day, making sure the content of each page contains relevant citations to your keywords is important. But don’t overdo it! Too much and your page will get discounted by the search engines.

Follow these basic rules for search engine optimization for each page of your site and your ranking can’t help but be affected in a positive way.

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