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How to Increase Website Traffic

There are many ways to build a customer base and drive more traffic and visitors to your website. Both paid and unpaid methods can be used effectively and are equally valid in different circumstances. Here we look at some of the 'free' methods you can use to help increase your web site traffic:

Fresh Content

Fresh, regularly updated content is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site. Search engines and humans alike appreciate regularly updated content as it is likely to be of more interest than tired, old content.

Ultimately, websites are all about the exchange of information therefore if you can communicate information well to your audience, then you should have no trouble at all attracting traffic to your site.

Interesting Content

It stands to reason, but your content needs to interest the viewers of your site, and not just yourself! Too many companies write from a corporate point of view using internal jargon and phrasing that means nothing to the customer.

Write about topics that will affect and are relevant to your potential visitors and you will stand yourself in good stead of increasing your traffic.

Interactive Content

Content that the audience can participate with is a great way to draw them into the site and get them truly involved. For instance forums and message boards can encourage interaction and repeat visits, and drive up traffic as a result. You could also think about featuring some puzzles or games for your visitors to enjoy.

Search engine optimisation

If you want traffic to your site, then you need to ensure that you perform well for your target searches in search engines. If you have the best site in the world on a certain topic but no presence in search engines then it will be very hard for visitors to find your site.

Clear coding and layout

You will need a well designed and maintained site to encourage visitors to come in the first place and then to visit you and even refer you to their friends. If it hard to find what you want on a site then you will know that you quickly leave and don't come back. Therefore ensure that you get it right first time.

Link exchange

Many companies engage in link exchange, whereby they swap links with other relevant companies, in order to gain more presence across the net. This works well for some and not so well for others, so think carefully as to whether it might work for you.

Affiliate Schemes

If you have a product or service for sale, then a great way to increase sales and traffic to your site is through an affiliate scheme. Here you offer others a commission or percentage (you set the terms) for referring either traffic or sales to your site. A good program from a popular company can really boost sales and traffic,so this is definitely something that is worth thinking about

Dan Moore is Director of Clarity Media Limited, a web design company and puzzle supplier of such smash hit puzzles as sudoku, kakuro, hanjie and codewords