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General Knowledge Crossword Puzzle

Are you tired of the same routine day after day? Do you feel as if today is only a speed bump in the road between yesterday and tomorrow? Well, you're not alone! Many people live day-to-day with little hope for anything getting better. Some are trapped in corporate jobs where they are little more than rats in a maze. Others have routines at home that leave them uninspired and unchallenged.

There is hope for a better day. Try these seven suggestions:

1. Exercise Nothing gets your brain in gear like exercise. If you will start the day with a moderate workout, you likely will be more productive throughout the day.

2. Solve a problem You might choose a crossword puzzle or a brain teaser of some sort, but exercising your brain actually will help you solve other problems you face.

3. Read Set aside a portion of your day to read something inspirational or entertaining. Some people read comic strips while other people have daily devotional activities. Whatever you do, read something!

4. Laugh Life is too short to take it all so seriously. Enjoy life by finding humor in your daily activities.

5. Make a difference in someone else's life Make it your point to make other people smile. From the server at the restaurant to the bank teller, people always are trying to make your life easier. Tell them you appreciate their effort and go out of your way to show them you care.

6. Admit your incompetence You don't know how to do everything, so don't be afraid to say, "I donít know." When you admit the limits of your knowledge or expertise you have the opportunity to validate someone else in his or her knowledge or expertise.

7. Learn something new Before the day ends, make it a point to stretch the limits of your knowledge by discovering something you don't already know. Maybe you just need to look at a map and see where that city or country is located. Maybe you need to look up a word you find in a newspaper or magazine article. Whatever it is, there is something to learn today.

Of course, the first step to having a better day is your choosing to have a better day. Otherwise, you are destined to have todays and tomorrows that look a lot like your yesterdays!

Dr. Terry Hadaway is an author, motivational speaker, university professor, and conference leader who is recognized as a leading authority on elearning, decision-making, and adult education. Visit for more information.