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Giant Sudoku Puzzle

You may not know the world now faces imminent dangers brought about by global warming if you have been hiding under a rock for the past year. Despite that, Sudoku is the latest worldwide craze and you have heard about and probably you are addicted to it just like the others.

It is the brain teaser that has taken the globe by storm. It has evolved greatly and is available in various forms by means of the World Wide Web to hand held games much like the brick game and Tamagochi, another Japanese mania.

You can hardly wait for the next day's version of the puzzle in your local paper or game show if you can't get enough of the brain workout but there is good news and that is you don't have to subject yourself to the waiting game torture again. It is now available to enjoy countless hours in front of computer monitor, losing yourself in these brain work outs at hours on end until reality interrupts and you will have to stop. It's true although it's tough. For free Sudoku software download for your pc, check out the following sites:

Euro Download

Along with other popular downloads like videos, music, instant messengers, and peer to peer file sharing software, in you can download free Sudoku software by EIPC. Its interface is very attractive earth tone design which pleases the eye as you work all day and night on the countless possibilities of puzzles that this program generates.

Game Album

You can download the Sudoku Digit Hunt 1.0 for yet another version of free Sudoku software in This can exercise your brain through logic and plain common sense.

Soft picks is another website that you can find free Sudoku software for your pc. Just search it and pages will automatically be given to you in just a few minutes away from having your next puzzle thrill...CONTINUE

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