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Grateful Dead Jigsaw Puzzle

SIRIUS Satellite Radio recently launched a new music channel dedicated exclusively to the Grateful Dead on channel 32and here's it what I heard in just the first couple of hours. To kick off the new channel, SIRIUS aired a rarely heard recording of a 1974 concert from the Hollywood Bowl as well as a talk session with Bob Weir.

In listening to the newly added channel over the weekend I was able to tune into archived as well as recent interviews with some of the band members, jam out to some sweet music that I haven't listened to in a long time, and reminisce with some fans about their incredible experiences with the Dead. If you often refer to yourself as a bona fide Deadhead then I think its time you checked out this station for your road trips.

The coolest part about this new channel is that it will really start to take shape as more subscribers volunteer their input on what they what to hear and talk about. Bob Weir even has his own show called "Bob Weir Behind the Mic" where he hosts an hour-long show to play and discuss the country-influenced music from the Dead. Weir won’t be the only Grateful Dead band member involved in this channel, it looks like Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, fan and member Bruce Hornsby, and lyricist John Perry Barlow will be joining in the fun as well. You can also look forward to hearing unreleased concert recordings, live performances, archived interviews with Jerry Garcia, and more.

Personally, my favorite part about the new channel besides 24/7 access to my favorite rock band of all times is the "Today in Grateful Dead History" segment. This segment will help you think back to your favorite memories of the Dead as David Lemieux, a Grateful Dead archivist, takes you back one day at a time to the events and the music that shaped the music world as we know it today. All in all it looks like the new Grateful Dead channel will be programmed as one of my favorites on my SIRIUS radio. You can find the Grateful Dead station 24/7 commercial-free on channel number 32.

If you find that you can actually tear yourself away from the new Grateful Dead channel I also suggest checking out Jam_On on channel 17, Jimmy Buffett’s Radio Margaritaville on Channel 31 and SIRIUS Blues on channel 74. These are just a handful of my favorite channels on SIRIUS Satellite Radio that are kind of similar to this new channel.

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