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Hidden Object Puzzle Games

What is the difference between failure and success?

Listening, course corrections, and perseverance

Did you ever play the "hot" and "cold" game as a child? Or perhaps, depending upon where you grew up, you called it something different.

The game goes like this: one person in a group is drawn away from the group and taken to a place where he/she is not able to see or hear what is going on in the other area. While that person is away, an object is hidden. Everyone in the room knows where the object is, but the person who was lead away does not. After the object is hidden, the person is brought back in with the purpose of trying to discover where the hidden object is. The people in the room can only give two clues: "hot" and "cold". The closer to the object the person gets, the more people shout out "HOT". The farther away the person gets, the more the word "COLD" is shouted.

If you have ever seen one of these games in action, it can be a lot of fun. Chaos is likely, laughter is definite and at any given time, people can be shouting both "hot" and "cold" all at once. It's wild. It's truly hard to know exactly what direction to go in if you are the one searching for the hidden object. The goal seems illusive at times. You get conflicting information. You find yourself turning in circles. Sometimes you get frustrated and other times you just have to laugh. At some point, youíll start to hear "hot" more than cold and you'll alter your path until you have everyone shouting "HOT" at the top of their lungs. Eventually you find the hidden object because you listen to what is going on around you, you make the appropriate course corrections and you don't give up.

Hmmmmm. Does that sound anything like building a great website?

Creating a web site that generates traffic and converts that traffic into sales is sometimes as illusive as that hidden object in the game above. You can find yourself frustrated, turning in circles and sometimes just plain giddy over the whole situation. What makes the difference between failure and success is what happens next. Listen to the voices of people around you who know more about the situation than you do. Adjust your course of action, if necessary. You may need to make numerous course corrections along the way in order to achieve your goals. Finally, donít give up. I don't mean that you shouldn't give up until you reach your goals. I mean don't give up (quit) EVER. If you reach your goals, make new ones. Persevere until your real life exceeds your dreams.

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