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How To Fill In A Blank Sudoku Puzzle Grid

So, you have decided to play sudoku, but you've been staring at a blank sudoku grid for a few minutes, unsure what to do or where to start. A sudoku grid is comprised of a 9x9 grid with 9 slots in each row further broken down into 3x3 areas to be filled with the numbers 1-9. In some of the slots, numbers have already been provided. These numbers cannot be changed or moved in any way. Now, you need to determine which numbers go into which "slot". This is a popular game in Japan, which is where its' name originated.

In a sudoku grid, you have to make note of the numbers already provided and then fill in the empty slots with the numbers 1-9. However, you cannot duplicate the numbers in each row, column or area. Looking at a blank sudoku grid may seem intimidating, but with patience it will soon be filled with numbers. There are millions upon millions of solutions available to you when filling in a blank sudoku grid, so whatever you come up with, as long as you've followed the rules, you'll be correct. The rules really are simple as I have outlined here. I myself have tried Sudoku, which can be found on most magazine racks, and found the game somewhat challenging.

A sudoku grid can be played anywhere, anytime by anyone ages 8 through 80. You don't have to be a MENSA member to play. There is no math involved, only patience, time and concentration. You can download blank sudoku grids online, or go to the bookstore and buy a whole book of them. Blank sudoku grids can be easy or they can be complicated. It depends on your skill level and where you want to start. Don't underestimate the amount of concentration that the games demand. This is key to finishing a grid the fastest when in competition.

Sudoku grids are also great to use on rainy days with the kids or on game night with the whole family. Anyone can play--that's the great thing about it. With so many different combinations to solve the puzzle, you can let everyone do their own and see where the differences are, or who gets done first. So, download a blank sudoku grid today and see what the hype is all about. You won't be disappointed. In fact you will find it somewhat challenging! Give it a try then get the family involved for a little friendly family competition.

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