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How To Solve A Sudoku Puzzle

The Rubik's cube, is a very frustrating puzzle game. It was invented back in 1970s. Many of us might thought that Rubik's cube is of course invented by Mr. Rubiks, or what so ever. However, actually, the cube initially was not known as "Rubik's Cube", it was called the Magic cube. Actually, the idea of such puzzle was initiated by a man called Harry D. Nicolas in 1970.

The Erno Rubik which was well known for the invention of this Rubik's cube invented a refined version of the puzzle in 1972. After so many years, many of us are still playing around with the cube. Of course, after so many years, many of us are still unable to solve it. Here, I would like to share some easy solutions. I hope that everyone will be able to solve the puzzle in the future.

First of all, the easiest way to solve the cube is to cheat. Yes, CHEAT. There are many cheating ways circulating around since the cube became so popular. Now, you can easily find external stickers for Rubik's cube. So, you will be able to stick those stickers on the cube to restore the initial appearance. This is consider one of the easiest way to cheat.

Another way to cheat is to break the puzzle apart. You can do this by turning the top layer of the cube by 45 degrees, and the use a screw driver or your finger to pull the middle piece of the top layer out. Then, you will be able to take out every single piece of the cube. Of course, this solution will damage your Rubik easily.

Cheating, is not my way because I do not get any satisfaction from cheating. However, I do enjoy using one of the ultimate cheat, which is using an auto cube solver. You can easily find this in the internet. What you need to do is to use the auto cube solver is first click the current appearance of your cube, and click solve.

Automatically, the web page will generate a series of solution for your Rubik's cube. This is considered cheating, but at least I will get some satisfaction by twisting and turning the cube. Don't you think this is the easiest cube solutions?

Rick Burton is a Rubik's cube enthusiast who has played the cube for 7 years. He enjoys playing Rubik's cube and has a personal website on how to solve your Rubiks cube easily at You can find step by step video guide on how to solve your Rubik's cube at this website. By watching the videos and referring to the summary, even a beginner can become a master solver!