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How To Solve Sudoku Puzzles

It is on! See if your name is included in the list because Volvo has already announced that they had by now chosen the seven finalists who would be joining the hunt for a buried Volvo XC90.

The Hunt was a part of a strategic campaign of Volvo to sponsor the upcoming Disney movie ďPirates of the Caribbean: Dead Manís Chest.ď The first part of the challenge was brought to the public last June 11 and thousands of pirate aspirants registered online to join the hunt. They also tried to solve the mystery puzzles. The Hunt is a skill-based online competition which requires participants to solve fifteen (15) puzzles. These puzzles include riddles and clues that will be sent to the participants via email. The riddles and clues will help the participants solve each puzzle. The first three individuals (in the U.S.) who correctly solved the fifteen (15) puzzles will be eligible to participate in the final leg of the challenge.

Among the thousands of individuals who joined The Hunt, only seven lucky finalists from different regions had been chosen to participate in the final leg of the competition. Three finalists are from the U.S. and the other four represents their respective nations namely Japan, United Kingdom, Spain, and Austria.

The format of the final leg of The Hunt is more likely the same as the reality-based shows on television today such as Survivor and The Amazing Race. The seven finalists will be sent on an undisclosed place and then they would try to interpret different clues to find the exact location of the buried Volvo XC90. The two-day treasure hunt will test the seven finalistís physical, mental, and emotional skills and when they pass, they would then be able to advance to the next level or else they would be eliminated. Once the exact location of the XC90 has been uncovered, the finalist is required to dig the place and if it is found, the lucky finalist will own the custom-made Volvo XC90. The $82,000 Volvo XC90 features stylish designs based on the movie and, of course, equipped with quality Volvo universal parts. The lucky winner will be announced in August 11.

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Kenneth McKinley is a 35-year old marketing specialist of, a leading Volvo parts dealer in the country today. Working in the car parts industry for a long time now and being a car enthusiast himself gives him a wealth of knowledge on anything automotive.