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Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories

MP3 Additions are delighted to announce the arrival of the Vakaadoo Soft Feel Case for 2G iPod Nano the follow up from the ever popular Vakaadoo Soft Feel Case for the 5G iPod Video. Fantastic new hard cases from Vakaadoo, really complementing the lovely shape of the new 2nd Generation iPod Nano and available in a lovely range of colours. Ultimate protection alongside good looks!

Soft Feel Technology: Your soft feel case applied with a scratch resistant finish to protect your iPod in style.

Ingenuity in Design: Your iVak case created by a two-part jigsaw. Slide your Nano up the lwer part, now click shut the top into a safe hugging shell.

Protection and Durability: Your iVak case offers effective shock resistance and scratch resistnt screen. Protective Sticker for your Click Wheel and a Lanyard/Key Ring.

The VakWrap: Elegantly sculpted to organise your headphones wires.Get your iPod accessories today at

Having got the cases in our hands we can honestly say they even exceed the quality of the Soft Feel Case for the 5G iPod, they are outstanding in build quality and looks and the jigsaw piece setup always appeals as it is so easy to fit together and leaves such a great finish where you can barely see that the case is joined together. Available in 7 colours there is sure to be something for everyone from pink to black to even plain white, get yours today from MP3 Additions and ahve it delivered tomorrow!

Nick Segrue is the founder and managing director of MP3 Additions, the UK's fastest growing iPod accessory retailer with the largest range of accessories. See them at