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Jigsaw Puzzle Carrier

With the popularity of small dogs, there are numerous types of dog carriers to choose from. Your dog carrier can range from styles such as a sports bag to a stylish designer purse. You can even choose a backpack or luggage carrier to take your little furry friend along with you wherever you travel.

When choosing a dog carrier, decide what size and fabric/style you would like. You can choose a generic bag to take everywhere with you or a small designer purse to take out on the town. Dog carrier purses range in sizes, from large ones that completely conceal your pet, to small ones that allow your dog’s head or even legs to poke out. You may want a large bag for the day to hold your wallet, checkbook, make up, phone, keys, and any other accessories. For the night time, usually a smaller and flashier bag is perfect for holding your ID, cash, and some lip gloss and keys next to your favorite dog.

Determine an appropriate budget. If you really want to spoil your pup, you may wish to buy the more expensive carriers that can cost up to $1,000. Otherwise, you can usually find a carrier for about $30 and up. If you want a designer dog carrier purse, expect the price to be around $100-$400. Whatever budget you decide on, make sure you choose the right style bag to match your outfits and your dog’s clothes too.

When deciding between carriers, be sure that the bag is sturdy enough to carry everything that you would require. It is particularly important that is has a removable and washable bottom. Make sure it is also soft enough and comfortable so that your dog wants to get inside and ride along with you regularly.

After you buy a dog carrier purse, pick up a gourmet dog treat to entice your dog to get inside the bag. Once he or she feels comfortable, you’re both ready to go out. Whatever dog carrier purse you choose, you and your pup will look great wherever you go.

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