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Jigsaw Puzzle Catalogs

Catalogs are very important marketing tools for the last few decades, and its not surprising why. People spend more time at work and have very little time to go shopping, so they rely on catalogs instead. There are two kinds of catalogs the traditional paper catalog that you receive in the mail, and the online catalog that you see on merchant and dealer websites. Each has its pros and cons, and each target a specific consumer group with a specific lifestyle.

Paper catalogs are as basic as marketing can be. You receive them in the mail, read them anywhere, and decide to either buy or not buy based on the pictures and product description. The best thing about paper catalogs is how handy they are, You can carry them with you to read in the subway, pass it on to friends, tear out pages of the items that interest you and make notes on those you intend to purchase. Paper catalogs are perfect for consumers who do not rely on the Internet for their daily activities the kind who still go to banks instead of paying bills online or rarely check their emails. These consumers are effectively swayed by paper catalogs largely because they do not know what they are missing with the interactivity and manageability of online catalogs.

Online catalogs may reach a smaller number of people than paper catalogs can, but the effect on this small Internet-savvy segment is colossal. People, who know how to use the Internet find online catalogs very useful, because they can search for specific products, compare brands and order with just a few clicks. Unlike paper catalogs, if a buyer does not purchase the item right away, the item may be forgotten, because there are no physical reminders (such as paper catalog cut outs) to go back to. Online catalogs have disadvantages and are certainly not for everyone, but for the few who are able to use it well, it is very convenient.

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