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Jigsaw Puzzle Games

The joys of having a family reunion is feeling closer while giving support. Getting youth involved in family reunion activities is often difficult as many of the activities remind them of thier preteen years. How can you get your teens and young adults more involved? Here are a few proven tips that work.

The first thing to keep in mind is that most young ones in the 15- 25 age group prefer activities that are both mentally and physically challenging. This is why when asked what activity they like you're likely to to get something like rock climbing, skate boarding, surfing, dirt bike stunts, race car derby or action adventure related like theme park rides and such. So unless your having a part of your family reunion event at a theme park or cruise line you may find it a bit challenging getting them all involved.

But getting everyone involved is the essential purpose of reuniting the family. That said include your youth in the early planning stages of family reunion activities and games.

Why not leave it to the young ones to think of activities they would like to participate in. Once the activities are selected allow the young one to direct or host the event while the adults focus on safety and order. Regarding family oriented games, your best bet is to put the outgoing youth in the forefront of the games while those less so work as assistance or essential technicians. You may even want to ask them which games they would like to feature at your event.

Family Reunion Olympics

Assemble games and sports events for different age groups as well as mixed age teams. Each team selects its name/country/symbol and design their own banner. No doubt whent it's time to let the games begin immediate family members will be devoutly cheering on. It's a lot of fun.

Jigsaw Puzzle Race

Other young adult activities that challenge the intellect and reflex are the family portrait jig-saw puzzle challenge. Using previous years family reunion photos create two card table sized jigsaw puzzles from the photos. Select several family members for each team to assemble the puzzles on their table. The puzzle could have a well known fact, slogan or metaphor unique to the family printed on it before cutting. The first team to assemble the puzzle enough to guess the phrase wins.

Reunion Game “Survivor”

This game draws from the Survivor TV show. It will capture the attention of everyone. Remember to keep it healthy and not too gross.

The "Amazing Race"

Television style family reunion version of the Amazing Race is sure to be the height of excitment. Have the several families compete to complete a 2-3 mile relay race with several stops in between providing destination clues along the way. Cover the race with your live web cam wired to a big screen TV for spectator coverage. Make the race a one hour event. The family that wins gets a gift certificate to a theme park or restuarant.

Other fun activities young adults would enjoy are "American Idol", "Dancing with the Stars" and a Stand Up Comedy talent show.

Outside the norm of bean bag racing and egg hunts lies a world gaming fun young adults are sure to enjoy and remember for a very long time.

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