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Jigsaw Puzzle Patterns

With so many power tool options on the market today, it can be quite difficult to sort out what you truly need from what you think you need (or want). Whether you’ve been building and woodworking for dozens of years, or are a new homeowner in need of a few power tools to fill your toolbox and complete some minor repairs and projects around the house, the latest such tools can make even the most seasoned professional squirm. In order to help you sort the “needs” from the “don’t needs”, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Power Tools for Every Toolbox:

1. Drill and Driver Combo- a handheld, triggered power tool with a gripping chuck that rotates while attached to either a drill bit (metal rod with spiraling grooves used to bore holes), or an attachment to hold either a phillips-head (X-shaped tip) or flat edged screwdriver bit. This combination allows anyone to drill a hole, anchor a wall and hang a picture, shelf, or curtain in no time flat.

2. Circular Saw- a heavy-duty cutting tool that uses round (circular) blades with saw teeth around the outside edge. This blade rotates on a spindle and can be easily changed to cut just about any surface, from masonry to wood to metal. Since the blade is significantly larder than a jigsaw (and usually cuts much faster), a circular saw is typically used for rough or straight-line cutting larger objects. This power tool is available in both a hand-held and table-mounted (stationary) versions to suit your specific needs.

3. Jigsaw– This classic power tool is used for cutting sharp curves, points, or complex patterns into a piece of wood or other type of surface. The thin blade of a jigsaw moves up and down, yielding the flexibility necessary to cut stenciled design and other patterns as details for any project.

4. Laser Level- Even though some may argue that such a tool is not “power” by definition, the laser portion of the tool does in fact require power to work. The primary difference between this type of level and a spirit and/or pendulum style is the laser’s precision accuracy in indicating the leveled line against a surface.

5. Impact Wrench– This power tool is commonly used to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts on a variety of everyday items. It uses electricity or air in which repeated blows of tiny hammers generate torque to tighten (or loosen) such fasteners. Instead of the more common hand-held wrench, an impact wrench will add longevity to all of your projects and household items. Instead of consistently tightening nuts and bolts that loosen up over time, an impact wrench will securely tighten them the first time, alleviating any concerns of losing bolts and someone being injured in the process.

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