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Jigsaw Puzzle Play Online

Rarely does someone log on to the Internet without a specific site destination or objective in mind. However, if it ever does happen, there are many dot coms dedicated to the purpose of introducing stifled surfers to interesting and entertaining online rooms.

For example, is definitely a something special to e-mail friends about. From creating your own rock band, then listening to it play music, to playing the childhood game “Rock, Paper, Scissors” online, this website is nothing short of a fun time. View a photo and guess the person’s age, make the president dance, pop bubble wrap online or whatever tickles your fancy.

Like filling out surveys? Pick your favorite subject keyword (such as vampires, Harry Potter, romance) on and find out just how much of an expert you really are. Spend hours answering questions to become a know-all or simply journey into the realms of self-discovery.

Puzzled? Visit to perform online jigsaw puzzles, from assembling a guy with a straw hat to a more complicated Westminster Abby. And, for a different breed of puzzle lovers, word searches and crosswords can be found on

Pick your Poison

While the Internet is convenient for paying bills, checking money accounts and tracking weather conditions, it’s okay to let down your hair and have a little fun once and a while.

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