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Kakuro - the Craze that is the Kakuro Puzzles

Kakuro puzzles are the latest craze that is currently making great waves in the puzzle game field. It also has played a significant impact in many areas around the world. These puzzles are closely following the footsteps of the Sudoku puzzles that is currently enjoying worldwide success. Kakuro puzzles are also known as a numbers game, which require simple and pure logic as well as a basic knowledge of the addition and subtraction mathematical concepts.

Also referred as Cross Sums, especially during its early days, Kakuro puzzles are also considered by many as the numerical equivalent of the crossword puzzle. This is because it makes use of numbers instead of the usual words. And just like the crossword, the Kakuro also comes in various sizes, from the compact size to the giant size, and ranges, from the very easy to the extremely hard.

The modern version of Kakuro puzzles nowadays comes in a variety of forms. While the traditional type, which is of the square and rectangular shape, is still around, referred to as the classic kakuro, there are other variations of the puzzle game which have already been developed and which can surely catch the attention of many puzzle game enthusiasts. There is, for instance, the holey kakuro, which is similar to the classic kakuro, except for the fact that it has holes in the middle. Then there is the round kakuro which, as its name suggests, is round on the outside, although the shape is actually more diamond-like, with some versions having holes in the middle as well.

Today, with the advent of modern technology, Kakuro puzzles now also come out in computer software program formats, which naturally makes the game more enjoyable to play, in terms of visuals. The puzzle has also found it way on the worldwide web, where kakuro players are given the opportunity to try to solve the puzzle online. One can even get to see how other players are faring as far as solving the puzzle is concerned. Kakuro news and articles as well as various techniques and strategies designed to either make the game more enjoyable to play or make it easier to solve are also available on the internet.

However, many people still prefer to play Kakuro puzzles the old-fashioned or traditional way, which is the pen-pushing method. That is why the game is still being published in many newspapers as well as magazines. This is part of the reason why a new monthly magazine, known as the Kakuro Light, was conceptualized. Formally launched last March in the Netherlands by Sanoma Uitgevers B.V., the magazine, of course, carries the popular Kakuro puzzles and is marketed primarily for beginners of the game who are nevertheless eager to know how the puzzle is being played as well as finding out why this new puzzle kind in town is fast gaining the imagination as well as fancy of everyone who just happens to love the thrill of a puzzle game.

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