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Kids Games

Kids love to play, so games are a major part of their lives. Choosing theright games for you kids can be a challenge. It needs to be fun, but youalso want them to "get something" from the games. There are new gamescoming out all the time, but sometimes the classics are still the best.

Outdoor games - Outdoor games are a great way to encourage teamwork and getexercise at the same time. Softball, baseball, wiffleball are always a hit.Badminton and volleyball are inexpensive, and a lot of fun for everyone.There are also games that require no equipment, like Tag and Duck, Duck,Goose, that are always favorites.

Board games - Board games are a great way to spend family time, andencourage taking turns and playing by the rules. There are the classicboard games, like Candyland for younger children. Then games like Clue,which encourage logic and puzzle solving and Monopoly, where they can learnabout money. There are also many trivia games that help test knowledge andhave a little fun, too.

Card games - Card games are always a fun family activity. Simple games likeGo Fish and Old Maid help kids learn to match. Other card games, likeCribbage, can help with math skills. There are other specialty card games,like UNO, which are also good for matching and following directions.

Computer/video games - There are an almost unlimited number of computer andvideo games, with new systems coming out all the time. Not all the games arebad. There are quite a few educational games, as well. The best gamesencourage creative thinking, puzzle solving and help improve hand eyecoordination. The key is checking out games, through reviews and otherparents, before buying a new game for your children.

On-line games - There are several websites that provide kid-friendly andeducational games. PBS Kids, Nick Jr. and others have games that featurethe kids' favorite characters, and help them learn skills while having fun.Parents always need to supervise the sites to make sure they are safe forkids.

If all else fails, give them an empty box, some crayons and see whathappens.

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