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Kids Printable Sudoku Puzzles

One of the first applications popularized by computers is desktop publishing software. Part of the benefits of this application is its ability to help you create printable birthday cards. All you need is a good printer and paper to print the birthday card.


These applications come with templates that serve as a guide for creating your birthday cards. Applications usually use standard 8 1/2 inches X 11 inches size papers and you can choose between two folds or four folds either in landscape or portrait orientation. Whichever you choose, it usually comes with predefined borders.


The application allows you to mix and match different fonts of different style, size and fonts. It also allows you to set different alignments for the fonts. Since the message is an integral part of the birthday card, the flexibility in layout allows you to create a birthday card with elaborate designs.

You can import pictures of different format, and you can set them in different size and orientation. Some would even allow you to make simple modifications to the pictures. If this feature is unable, there are other applications you can use to edit these images.

Other Features

Desktop printing software include tools that allows you to create various shapes, lines, cropping tool, freehand drawing and others. These tools give you the flexibility to create various designs for your birthday card.


There are some specialized birthday card generating software that utilizes popular characters easily recognizable by kids of all ages. These applications would allow you to create birthday cards that surely would be appreciated by the kids. Of course this limits the receiver in terms of age, unless the recipient is young at heart.


Part of the requirement to be able to produce printable birthday cards is to have a printer. This is no problem since most modern printers have the capabilities to produce colorful images to even photorealistic qualities.

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