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Kirk Randle Fireside Tipis Jigsaw Puzzle

Thinking of making a unique way to get your child interested in the great outdoors? You don't have to spend a lot on frequent family camping trips, although taking such a vacatiou once in a while as a family is certainly a great bonding experience. You can help you child love playtime in the open if you build him or her a nice, sturdy play tent! But not just any sort of play tent will do. If you're out to build a safe, child-free tent, canvas tipis should be in your list of alternatives.

When thinking of materials for building a play tent, canvas tipis should make it to the top of your list. It's affordable and relatively lightweight, so it's easy to put up no matter where you decide to camp out. You could have a play tent at a camping trip, or you could set it up in your own backyard!

Canvas is a type of cloth, so take your child's fabric allergies into consideration. Tipis made from cloth should give your child optimum protection, and at the same time avoid giving your child allergies that synthetic cloths sometimes do. Abrasions from synthetic material could cause some serious rashes, which may not only ruin your child's playtime, but also endanger his or her health!

Speaking of health concerns - just because a tipi covering is made of cloth, doesn't mean it would fail in keeping your child safe from the elements. Old World Indian settlements made extensive use of cloth tipis through rain or shine. Mostly, this was done by installing a thin lining on the inside of the tent itself. Sometimes called "dew cloth," it prevents moisture and other environmental health risks, such as natural allergens and mildew, from getting inside the tent easily. The dew cloth could also be made of canvas, but that just means an extra layer of protection for your child.

For a more "authentic" outdoor experience, some parents may wish to invest in real leather tipis, which the whole family could enjoy. You could look into this as well - leather tipis are However, it's certainly not a way to teach your child about earth-friendliness and kindness to animals!

Another good thing about canvas tipis is that you can decorate it all you want! Some canvas tents come pre-designed, but those are often more expensive. Not to mention it's hard to tell if your child will like the premade design or not. Buy a blank canvas, then explore the joys of decorating it with your children. Nothing is more satisfying than finishing a family art project - many years from now, you can look back at your accomplishment with pride. You can also leave your child and his or her friends to decorate it for themselves, and give these children the sort of artistic freedom that will be so valuable to them later in life! So when thinking about making a play tent, canvas tipis are the way to go. provides you with information on tents and canopies like tent canvas tipis, eureka tents, coleman tent trailers, canvas tents, fargo tent and tent trailers. Go to