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Logic Puzzle Sudoku Trackback Uriclosed

Many people are confused about what exactly TrackBack is and how you use it. The confusion is compounded by the fact that many people think It's only for link tracking, which is an easy mistake to make, since it's the only thing most people use it for. It is a feature of movable type or typepads that allows you to let other sites know that you have linked to them, and lets you know when other sites have linked to you. It is a facility that allows you to easily contribute and respond to feedback from around the blog community. It is also a form of remote comments where one person who wishes to comment on a post in another person's blog writes a post on his own weblog rather than posting the comment directly on the other person's weblog.

It is particularly useful in finding out whether other people are thinking well enough about what a person has written on a weblog to actually link to it. Other things you can do with TrackBack are display songs recently played on WinAmp and remove old pings from iTunes. Another interesting use of trackback is Memigo, a site that collects news articles and allows users to rate them. The whole idea of this is to allow readers of your blog to find additional resources elsewhere that are related to your blog entry. It is one of three types of Linkbacks, methods for Web authors to request notification when somebody links to one of their documents. One of the main appeals of it is that it uses individual posts as its unit of measure. One way to get a TrackBack is for someone to click on a referring page from another site. The technical side of this is very simple: when you want to notify a remote site of your existence, you send a ping to that site.


It can also be used to create content repositories, for instance a collection of recipes or book reviews from many different bloggers. It requires both sites to be enabled in order to establish this communication. TrackBack has a timeout error message when sending pings, Movable Type sets a timeout on the amount of time it takes to send the ping, so that the system doesn't appear to freeze up. In order to send the trackback notification to another blog you will need to have a ping URL for the entry you want to comment on. There are several ways of getting this:The pop-up or the individual entry page at that site will generally list a URL to ping. However, if you have your own web server space you may be able to set up Stand-Alone Trackback to work with your blogging system. If you don't have your own web server space, try No-Host or use the Simplen tracks form. They are pointless when no one tracks a site back.


It is a huge spam magnet. One of the problems with it is that spammers have discovered this too, resulting in what is called trackback spam. As a result, this spam filters are similar to those implemented against comment spam now exist in many weblog publishing systems.

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