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Day by day you build your small business walking back and forth over the same actions and activities. Certain aspects of your business become fixed in place with everything else being stacked around them. I was reminded of this as I prepared our home for a complete carpet cleaning.

The amount of accumulated extra stuff I moved in preparation for the carpet cleaning crew was far more than I could have imagined. But, what was most impressive was the efficiency with which the crew prepared their tools for the carpet cleaning. In less than two hours, six rooms and two hallways later, the job was done. Well done. The carpets looked great and I felt inspired and ready to enjoy our home.

What's this got to do with my small business? Although I know I've got a lot of stuff I no longer need and could certainly change some of my business habits, I observed a crew of two put the right equipment in place and execute the job using an efficient plan. The entire job was done to my complete satisfaction. What would happen if I used the same approach to achieve my small home based business goals?

Is it time to give your small business a good "carpet" cleaning?

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