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Make Jigsaw Puzzle

Is it the right time to ask your special someone The Question? Whether standing on two feet or on bended knees, making your marriage proposal can be a very scary and exciting event. And you'd want to get it right, too. About 60% of engaged people say their proposal could have been better. If the hopeless romantic in you wants the perfect pitch, here are some creative ways to pop the question:

Tongue tied? Let a jigsaw puzzle say what you want. This is one of the many creative ways to pop the question. Have a special jigsaw puzzle designed with your proposal printed and then have it cut. Ask your loved one to help you put it together and when it's nearing completion, excuse yourself to go to the bathroom or some fake errand and fetch the ring. Make sure he or she has completed the puzzle before you re-enter the room and pop the question.

Go on a treasure hunt is one of the creative ways to pop the question. Remember the reality TV show National Treasure? Why donít you create a treasure hunting expedition of your own? Consider all the places that have special meaning to you both Ė the bar where you met, the place where you had your first date, the park bench where you first kissed, the favorite spot in the park where you liked to picnic, etc.

Plant a clue on each spot and then give her a treasure map. You can use romantic poems or quotes to begin each clue or use lines that rhyme for the clues. Once you've reached the last stop (the place where you're going to pop the question), bring out the ring.

It's a kind of magic. Hire a magician to help you think of creative ways to pop the question. Arrange the time and place where it will be and go out on a usual date with your loved one. Make sure to explain everything the magician has to know Ė what he needs to do, when and where exactly. When you pass by, tell your girlfriend or boyfriend that you want to watch the magic performance.

The magician then takes your beloved to participate in a magic trick. The magician can then 'magically' produce flowers and a note. When your girl or man reads the note, it's your cue to pop the question.

Go fishing. If you both like fishing, this is one of the creative ways to pop the question. Prepare your fishing lines and tie the engagement ring securely at the end of one line and give that to your girlfriend. Wait a few minutes and then tell her to reel it in. Once she sees the ring, untie it, present it to her and ask her to marry you.

Ask them through a cartoon or computer-generated animation. If you or someone you know has talent in animation, this is one of the creative ways to pop the question using your talent. Prepare a short video of your proposal. Write a storyline that will tell the story of how you met and include significant events in your life. Use a popular fairy tale if you donít have other ideas, but make sure the characters in the movie can clearly depict you both. At the end of the video (3 to 5 minutes will do), have your short film character pop the question.

Whatever creative ways to pop the question you decide to use, remember that a lot of things rely on planning and timing. Focus the entire proposal event on your story and include things, places and events that are unique to your relationship. Be creative, have fun and if everything goes right, there's a huge chance you'll get a 'yes'.

Marriage proposals don't have to cost a fortune. In fact, the best ones usually don't. If you are thinking of getting engaged, you probably want to do it right. You want it to be amazingly special. Something she or he will want to share with everyone. Do you really want to know how to create a marriage proposal that will blow her (or him) away? Find out more about creative ways to pop the question visit Romantics Guide To Popping The Question at All About Relationships

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