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Match 3 Puzzle Games

Oh, what would Thanksgiving be without football? Yes, NFL and college football games are pretty common during the Thanksgiving season and they are so much a part of the season that the two are often blended together into one huge celebration. Now, there is nothing wrong with that and, as a matter of fact, it can make the whole Thanksgiving holiday a lot of fun and more enjoyable. In fact, it also has the ancillary effect of helping you learn a little more about the subject of football. Hey, it is a fantastic sport and a tremendous pastime. So, why not play a game this Thanksgiving that tests your knowledge of the subject?

If you are interested in a game that allows you to match wits over the subject of football trivia then you will definitely want to check out the game Stadium Match. The basics of the game are rather simple: you need to match the names of the NFL football team with the stadium that they play in. Sound simple? Well, it all depends on your knowledge of the game and how well you pay attention to the announcers on television when they mention the names of the stadiums that the home team is from. You were paying attention, weren't you?

Hey, if you weren't that is cool too because you can always brush up on your NFL trivia and history! Of course, that may give you an edge over those folks who you are playing against in the game, but that is ok. If you work hard and try to increase your knowledge base you should be able to reap the awards of your labor! That is the way life works isn't it? So, do that brushing up and then take your chances playing the game! See exactly how much you know!

Instantly download, print and play NFL Football Stadium Matching Game at or check out other Thanksgiving Matching Games.