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Mmorpg Puzzle Pirate Games

While it is the big names in the massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) world that get all of the publicity, there is still strong support for the underdog independent publishers who put out lesser known games. The well known MMORPGs have alot of financial backing, which in turn makes them more lucritive. These games are usually offered as free MMORPG downloads to anyone who wishes to participate and provide a great way for people to get their feet wet in the world of MMORPG games without paying the hefty monthly fees. Many of the independent game developers make titles that offer greater variety of free MMORPG downloads so there is certainly something for everyone. It just takes a little time in order to find a game online, but not impossible.

There are essentially two different types of free MMORPG downloads. The first is the graphical variety. These are the types of games which provide an environment much like you would get in a pay-for online RPG like Ultima Online. The graphics on some of these games are not quite as spectacular as one would find on the newer, more costly games, but the same depth of gameplay is available. On the other hand, some free MMORPG downloads come in the form of web based games.

These are games that harness the power of your web browser usually with a Java plug-in. The games in this form are rudimentary and mostly text based, but can still provide the interactions with other players as one would finds on the graphical variety. I have personally seen these games played and they are tremedously well written.

After deciding which category of free MMORPG downloads to choose from, you can try checking out some of the top games for free. Currently, the most downloaded free MMORPG is Aegis; a text based online RPG set in a fantasy world where players try to become the most powerful provincial leader of all. Another highly competitive browser based title is Space: Glory through Conquest where players choose which alien race to be as they attempt to take over one of several galaxies. As a graphical game, Nexus: the Kingdom of the Winds also offers free MMORPG downloads for its game but requires a subscription fee to play. The subscription fees are justified by the popularity of the games. Use your favorite search engine, such as Google (tm) to find these online games.

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