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Monopoly - Addicting Games for Every Age

With so many forms of entertainment available today, games and puzzles remain a fun way to pass the time, a means of instilling good sportsmanship in children, and a way to bring families together. In fact, there are addicting games for people of all ages. Monopoly, however, has to rank on almost everyone's list of the most addicting games of all time.

When thinking about addicting games, Monopoly is one of the first board games to come to mind. Who hasn't spent hours scheming to trade railroads, or hoping beyond hope that they will manage to avoid landing on the Boardwalk space with the hotel on it? Debates continue to rage as to whether money paid to the banker goes in the middle of the board and the lucky person to land on Free Parking rakes in the cash (the official rules say no, but every family seems to have its own tradition of rules).

There are over two dozen great versions of Monopoly, some of which incorporate themes and others of which are designed as kid's games. Monopoly Jr. is a great way to get the younger ones involved in and excited about Monopoly, and is still fun for adults. In fact, a child's movement from the Junior version to the "real" version of Monopoly is almost like a rite of passage.

When it comes to themes, there's a Monopoly game for virtually everyone. Star Wars and Lord of the Rings Monopoly themes appeal to the sci-fi crowd, while the NFL and Dale Earnhardt Monopoly editions are a sure bet for sports aficionados. Those who love nostalgia will enjoy playing the I Love Lucy version of Monopoly, while kids of all ages enjoy the Pokemon, Spider-Man, and Disney Monopoly editions. Other themes include Harley-Davidson, The Simpsons, Scooby-Doo, and Peanuts - and there's even a .com version!

Of course, while two people can play Monopoly, the best Monopoly games involve at least three or four players. When it comes to addicting games for twosomes, card games are always a favorite. Kid's games include educational card games like Learning Journey and card games that feature historical figures like the Pioneers in Medicine Card Game or the Inventors Card Game. For adults, rummy cards are a fun way to pass the time, as are cribbage, Uno, and Skip-Bo.

Completing jigsaw puzzles are on the top of many people's list of addictive activities. It's a great solo activity, as well as being a fun family pastime. Puzzles come in all shapes and sizes, and are suitable for kids as well as adults. Especially appropriate for rainy days, jigsaw puzzles keep idle fingers busy and make the time go by quickly.

When it comes to addicting games, no one can dispute that video games are completely absorbing. Even so, Monopoly is one of the few unique board games that people of all ages can play, enjoy, and become addicted to.

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