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Music Crossword Puzzles

Radio is a general source of Entertainment. It gives audio or listening pleasure. Hence it enjoys a bit lower popularity than television in home which offers audio visual entertainment.

It offers many amusements to the listener. Music, songs, comedy, sports commentaries, drama and talk shows are some of the common popular amusements. It also offers news to to keep you updated on events.

Music is the main form of amusement offered by radio. It provides modern music like hip hop, rock, pop, trance for the teens and youngs. New releases are also featured here.

It provides music for middle aged and seniors as well. Country music, soul, melodies, ballads, instrumentals and oldies cater to their choice. It also serves classical music, christian, gospel and traditional folk music to the listeners.

Comedy include short verbal situational encounters. They are usually different awkward situations. Verbal comedy where punch lines are delivered for the audience humor.

Drama offer short social stories. They include dialogues laced with social messages which finds acceptance among general people.

Sports is another important form of entertainment offered by radio. It broadcasts running commentary of live sports. It covers popular sports like football, cricket, tennis etc.

Offers Regular news aired by popular news channels like BBC and CNN keeps you updated on the happenings around the world.

Talk shows feature interviews with celebrities. Features puzzles and riddles during the show. The contestants can solve the puzzles and riddles to win prizes. A good amount of competition is there.

FM radio stations have become popular as they offer entertainment round the clock.

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