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National Geographic Jigsaw Puzzles

NG covers a huge range of interesting topics. I like the fact that the reader can choose how deep they want to dig into the magazine. Sometimes you just want a little brain candy, so you look at the pictures and maybe read the captions. Other times you want it all, so you read every word of an article about some obscure topic like "leaf-cutting ants of "Congo". No matter how you decide to use it, you're guaranteed to find something new and interesting.

National Geographic is possibly the most inspiring magazine I have ever read. I started reading NatGeo as a little kid and it really instilled a taste for adventure, science, and exotic locales/cultures in me. I have never lost that interest and always thought running NatGeo would be a blast. If you are curious, have kids or just love to look at beautiful pictures, I highly recommend getting a subscription to National Geographic.

I am such a fan of National Geographic magazine and I remember pouring over the National Geographic World magazine as a child. So, I had no hesitation when I received an offer for National Geographic Kids magazine. My five-year-old son loves learning about the world and will choose areas out of the encyclopedia so that we read about them together. As I filled out my order form, I envisioned spending rainy afternoons snuggled up close to my son while we read his new magazine.

Now I know National Geographic is considered a "science lite" magazine meaning that while the articles are not going to be found in your average scientific journal, the magazine does skirt issues relating to science, nature and the world in a way the average non-science-minded sort of person could easily understand. I really expected the children's version of this magazine to do roughly the same, after all, I was given the promise that "NG Kids brings kids face-to-face with amazing animals, geographic adventures, incredible wonders of the deep, terrific technology and inspiring children all over the world.

If you dig far enough into the issue, you'll find some appropriate articles for your children. My son was fascinated with several articles including one on earthquakes, the debate about whether cats or dogs are smarter (and we learn that both are smart in their own ways) and what happens when people encroach into mountain lion habitat. Ask any person why they subscribe to National Geographic and the first word out of their mouth is usually, "The photos." Since the magazine is so well known for their photos, you'd expect the children's magazine to carry some of the more fun photos. The children's version does have some of the cuter photos but, again, the colorful, splashy advertisements on the opposing page often detract from the photos themselves.

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