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New York Times Crossword Puzzle

The New York Times has developed over five decades a great brand name and recently they have thrown it all away due to scandals such as plagiarism, made up stories and giving away National Secrets effectively helping our enemies. Some say the New York Times has sunken to an all time low and compare it to used toilet paper. They have even said that the newspaper is not worth the paper it is written on?

But the New York Times makes good firewood logs for my automatic newspaper rolling machine? Liberal trash I tell you. I hope you do not actually read that paper? It does come in handy in the recycled newspaper trays at Starbucks to wipe up some sniveling little punk kid's Frappachino who got so excited from the sugar rush that he spilled it all over the floor?

So maybe the New York Times is worth something after all. Maybe it is not so bad and perhaps we should give it more credit. I talked to a lady today who takes the paper, but rarely reads it. She is a very smart lady and has found a most excellent use for the large New York Times Newspaper. She uses it to line her birdcage; a rather large bird, which craps a lot and she has to line its cage with new paper everyday. So the New York Times works just great for that she said.

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