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New York Times Crossword Puzzles

The New York Times was once the epitome of an advanced civilizations newspaper and yet today they have lost much of their luster. So many things have happened that have tarnished its once strong brand for truthful journalism. It seems the cheating that goes on in High School and college with plagiarism and cheating on tests has indeed permeated the journalistic ethics of the once great New York Times.

Reporters have used false news items, made up quotes and plagiarized material in New York Times articles. Reporters have given away secrets of our nation in the newspaper and aided our enemies. There have been firings and resignations at all levels of the New York Times and some wonder what will be the next scandal there?

It took decades for the New York Times to build up its brand name and yet today it seems they will do anything to attack President Bush or spin the news to a liberal biased skew even if they have to make up stories to do it. Does this truly help their liberal audience or does it detract from truth in journalism?

This is a great Branding case study in that it shows that if you live by the sword and do so in falsehood and without honor or integrity then you will most likely die by the sword into a sea of blood.

The Un-Branding of the New York Times is almost completed and yet it is amazing how they were able to throw that much goodwill down the drain so quickly simple due to their Hate of President Bush. Too bad really, but indeed if they will not write with integrity then they need not be the top respected newspaper of this Nation or of the World. Consider this in 2006.

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