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Numbers Puzzles Like Sudoku And Alternates

Educational wooden toys add fun to learning. Unlike battery-operated toys that move on their own, educational wooden toys encourage a child to think and come up with creative ideas for play. Puzzles are extremely useful for children of all age groups. Toddlers can be given puzzles with a small number of pieces. Observing them, it is amazing to see how, with every use, they do something different until they master the puzzle. At first, their actions are random, but after a few uses they rotate pieces and try to fit them in correctly. Eventually they master the puzzle and are ready for the next one. Solving a puzzle is a constructive learning experience for children. Parents should make sure that puzzles are appropriate for the child’s age. While large recognizable pieces are needed for young children, smaller piece puzzles are more challenging as they grow older.

Wooden educational toys come in many types ranging from musical to mathematical toys. Some of them help children learn the names of different colors while others help them learn the names of animals and birds. There are also toys to help preschoolers learn the basic alphabet and numbers.

They help a child develop creativity and enhance certain inherent abilities. This can prove to be extremely beneficial in later life. Musical toys such as basic wooden drums or a small wooden string instrument can even help children develop musical abilities. They not only encourage a sense of rhythm and chords in a child but also expose him to a varied range of sounds. Development of auditory skills happens automatically when a child plays with musical toys.

Puzzles and construction sets ensure the growth of a child’s logical thinking and problem solving ability. Their natural curiosity is channeled positively. This way of learning is non-tiring and actually enjoyable for the child. Memory skills and mathematical skills are nurtured in a fun way by using these types of toys.

Because these toys are made out of wood, this gives them the durability to last through the rigors of a rough and tumble childhood. These educational wooden toys can also be used in schools and pre-schools. These toys stimulate a child’s mental capabilities, widen their imagination and enhance their sense of creativity.

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