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On Line Jigsaw Puzzles

Traditional toys are often thought to be the building blocks of a healthy childhood. These toys have been a significant part of children's play for centuries and are distinct from other toys because of their ability to stimulate creativity and imagination. Every playroom should include a variety of traditional toys to encourage healthy growth and development and there are many different types to consider.

Wooden Toys

Children's toys made of wood were first played with in ancient civilizations when little girls fashioned their personal playmates from sticks and twigs tied together with string to resemble dolls. Today, wooden toys come in many different styles and are favoured because of their durability and safeness. These toys are designed for all ages, from infant wooden rattlers to detailed wooden toy sets for school age children.


Dolls are an important part of childhood and are often a little girl's very first friend. Children develop language skills, social skills, and even problem solving skills while they play with these traditional toys. A wide selection of dolls accessories make playtime even more fun and can create endless play possibilities. Accessories like cribs, prams, highchairs, and even bunk beds can turn playtime into a pretend adventure that expands the imagination.

Ride On Toys

Little legs and big imaginations are all that is needed for lots of fun with these traditional toys. Ride on toys give kids the wheels that take their playtime to a whole new level, not to mention new places. Miniature airplanes, trikes, and even classic hobby horses are the perfect toys for strengthening large muscles and encouraging typical toddler exploration. Wooden ride on toys that are foot powered are great toys for toddlers learning to walk and for preschoolers who are not quite ready to pedal.

Role Play Toys

Children's toys that encourage children to pretend and imagine are crucial to proper development. Role play toys are props that help children develop scenarios and reproduce real life encounters in their play. Dress-up clothes, miniature appliances, puppets, and child sized tools help children to sort out the many roles of adults through their own play experiences.

Dolls Houses

Dolls houses are traditional toys that continue to enchant and thrill children everywhere. Miniature houses, furniture, and families create magical childhood moments that are valuable teaching opportunities. While role play toys give children the chance to pretend they are anything from a mommy to a fireman, dolls houses are toys that allow children to make their own characters, as well as their own story line, for more play possibilities.

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are fun, relaxing, and promote a number of skills that are necessary for a successful life. Wooden jigsaw puzzles are a popular choice because many are crafted by hand for higher quality and a longer life. These traditional toys:

  • Enhance fine motor development
  • Develop essential cognitive thinking skills
  • Build logic and problem solving abilities
  • Improve hand and eye coordination
  • Teach specific lessons, like geography or numbers

These traditional toys and other open-ended toys that invite children to imagine while they play are essential tools for a strong body and mind. Most importantly, traditional toys provide hours upon hours of creative fun.

Gary writes extensively on children's toys for his blog and online toy shop Monkeyshine where you will find an amazing range of traditional toys.