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Online Crossword Puzzle

Softly Bends the Leaves

Softly bends the long thin—knifelike leavesThrough the curtains and glassI can see—, Its green…

The Sun reflecting off its seams;If I move the piano, just a tingeI’d see the whole thing.

#1659 (2-2-2007)) Lima, Peru

God Told Me

God told me once,“Dennis, you’re after my heart…”“Oh!” I said (perhaps playing dumb)“Is this not true?” He replied.(I hesitated, not sure why)) Said :))“Yes, this is true,” (I was no fool).

#1658 2-1-2007


We build highways where people goNo one seems to get off themAnd so, no one really knows….

#1660 2/1-2/2007


The Deepest thing in us is Memories, which can, and willfind their way out, once triggered.


Rosa’s Newspaper

She turns the pages of the newspaperLike a slap on a child’s wrist(so it looks and so it sounds):Trying to find the crossword puzzle…!

#1662 (Dedicated to my wife, Rosa Peñaloza de Siluk)

Commentary: Poetry’s Function (just a few words): I believe the nature of poetry, its function—for the most part, have attached meanings; in the physical world, it can be confusing, it is in fact about language, as it claims to be. For often it has no voice, theme or even recognizable form. We call this free Verse, which is the dominate form of Postmodernism; prior to this, we had of course, Modernism, where we reexamined what poetry is. The density of language and intensity of imaging…and imagery;put another way: mental images; and descriptions, metaphors, and similes. Language is a two-way street, embraced but unregulated for the most part.

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