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Father's Day Presents

Father's Day is just around the corner, so now is the time to come up with great ideas for Father's Day presents that your special guy is sure to enjoy. It can sometimes be difficult to find presents for dad, but one way you can be sure to make your gift recipient happy is to personalize your gift in some way. Personalized Father's Day gifts could include Father's Day gift baskets. You can customize the basket to include gift items that your father enjoys, and even include a few pleasant surprises to make your gift memorable.

If your father has a special hobby that he enjoys, that could make a great starting point for personalized gifts for dad. If crossword puzzles are his joy, why not put together a fantastic basket that features some crossword puzzle books, a crossword dictionary, some mechanical pencils, and even a beautiful mug and varieties of teas or coffees. Food is always enjoyed by whomever gets this super gift, so chocolates, cookies, candies, and pretzels will make a big hit.

Men who enjoy working on weekend projects out in the workshop or garage would be thrilled to get a gift basket with that as its focus. Small hand tools, like an electronic level, or wrenches, or an assortment of screwdrivers are always useful. A new pair of work gloves comes in handy, as do some premium gift snack items that he can munch on while he works away on his activity.

Sports lovers come with a built-in theme for a suitable gift basket for Father's Day. Pick his favorite sport, and go to town with gift items. If it's baseball, then a great baseball cap with his team's insignia on it would be a hit with him, as would baseball cards, or a pennant or banner. Tickets to go see his team play would cause him to jump for joy as well. Everyone loves food, so include some stadium favorites like peanuts and cracker jack.

Many men enjoy getting together with their friends to play cards. If your favorite man is in this group, then a gift basket that has a card theme would be an excellent choice. Game-related gift items like cards, chips, score cards, maybe even some new drink glasses and coasters will be well appreciated, along with some gourmet snack items that he and his friends will love.

The great thing about gift baskets is that they can be personalized to match your father's particular tastes and desires. You can include each item according to what you know he will especially enjoy, and with that you will give him another gift: the fond memory he will have of opening your thoughtful Father's Day present.

Anne Harvester is a homemaker extraordinaire with years of experience creating spectacular events and gifts. See her favorite Gift baskets, Personlized Gifts and Fathers Day gifts