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Online Jigsaw Spot Differences

If itís Halloween, then it must be Saw. The third of the Saw movies in three years promises even more blood and gore than the last two movies, and they do in fact keep their promise. However they should have promised a better movie with better acting.

Tobin Bell is back as Jigsaw who is now bed-ridden due to his inoperable cancer. Amanda (Shawnee Smith) is there at his side the entire time giving a dull performance. Jigsaw and Amanda kidnap a doctor to help alleviate his pain and suffering. The ďgameĒ this time is that the doctor must keep Jigsaw alive for as long as it takes Jeff (who is playing another game) to finish his game.

Tobin Bell is great as Jigsaw, as he was in the first two movies, itís just too bad he always has a sub-par supporting cast. Shawnee Smith delivers a lacklustre performance as Amanda, Jigsawís apprentice and aid. For Saw veterans, the ending is less surprising than the two previous Saw movies, yet itís still quite impressive. The traps used this time around arenít as clever and original as before, but they sure are bloodier and more gruesome. This can be a good or bad thing depending on if you like the Saw movies. The musical score is great once again.

Saw 3 is a decent horror movie for Halloween but fails to live up to the originality and freshness of the two previous instalments. The plot and traps are rather stale and with the exception of Tobin Bell, the acting needs improvement. The door was left open for a potential Saw 4, and letís just hope writer Leigh Whannell can come up with some fresher ideas.

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