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Online Puzzle Games

When I discovered a while back that you could play games for free online, I was excited. I could finally play games without having to spend my money on things that came in a box and may of may not have been very fun. As I looked around, I realized that many games are definitely NOT safe for kids, or even adults with a sense of morality. I looked around for a while and found that some game websites themselves displayed non kid-safe advertising on their website. I decided to write this article to show people what games are safe and fun online.

One of these games is Bloons. It is completely safe with no bad content, language, or violence. All it involves is a kind of puzzle game where you are a monkey try to pop all the balloons. I then decided I would look at other games by the same company. The Bloons Tower Defense games were a let down. They have swearing and harsh language that comes up at the bottom of the screen while you are playing. I also found that the Ninja Kiwi website was one of those with bad advertising. Therefore I found a website that hosted the game without all the bad advertising.

The next fun game is Cat With Bow Golf. The game is extremely fun and challenging. You are a cat trying to shoot a bow at the targets like in golf. The animations with the cat are funny as it flops around. All around it is an excellent game.

Two more games I like that are safe are Indestructo Tank 2 and Xeno Tactic. At first I was cautious because o the violence in these games. Then I realized that violence wasn't the main focus, but strategy was. In Xeno Tactic you build turrets to destroy the enemy aliens before they reach the exit. In Indestructo Tank 2 you guide an indestructible tank through three different types of game play, destroying enemy airplanes in the process. Although these games are good, the Armor games website is definitely not a safe place, but Online Game Squad is.

Finally I think that all online Sonic and Mario Games are good. They usually are too representative of the original games to be bad.

As far as a good games website where you can find all these games, try Safegames. It has all the games mentioned above and more safe games that are thoroughly reviewed for bad content. Every game on that website is definitely safe and fun. Thanks for reading, hope you find more safe fun online!