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Online Success Plan Outline

Success in online marketing can be like putting together a really big jigsaw puzzle, there just seems to be so many pieces to fit into place. In fact, it's worse than a jigsaw puzzle. It's like a jigsaw puzzle with an infinite number of pieces, none of which will be corners or edges. As if that wasn't hard enough, the box the jigsaw puzzle comes in doesn't even have a picture of the finished product on it. That is why so many people fail at Internet marketing, because they have a pile of pieces, and no idea which to start with, and no idea what things are going to look like when everything is completed.

The analogy, while slightly depressing, is actually a very good one, so bear with me as I extend it a little further. Those who are masters of completing jigsaws tend not to start with the individual pieces, but rather at the other end. They establish what the finished puzzle will look like, and then work backwards, figuring out what is needed to construct that puzzle. If for instance the puzzle is a nice country house, they may sort the pieces, as best as possible into groups - the house, the garden, the sky, usually the border pieces also. They now have not one problem to solve, but four. The difference is - they are smaller, more focussed puzzles.

Internet marketing is just the same. The number of times I have seen a forum post begging for someone to help them make money online is saddening. The worst bit is that most online marketers don't mind helping, but they will never answer a post so broad in scope. The questions which are more specific are almost always answered, concisely and completely, and very quickly.

So let's get started. We may not be able to complete the puzzle for you, but we can at least give some guidance on how to sort the pieces into piles, and maybe even get a few edge pieces in place.

Internet marketing is, as you have probably heard many times, actually a very simple way of earning an income. More than any other position I have held, you can break it down into bite sized chunks, and when you deal with those chunks rather than the whole, things become much clearer. Now, you could pay alot of money for a repackaged version of what I am about to say, but I'll save you the trouble and give you the simplified formula for nothing.

To make money online, all you have to do is:

1. Find a Niche.

2. Find or develop a product that effectively services that Niche.

3. Develop a Site that sells that product.

4. Drive Traffic to that site.

Wow - isn't that easy? Of course, it's quite easy to say "To win the medal at the Olympics all you have to do is run faster than every other competitor", and that too would be true. Each of those points has so many points to learn within it that it you will find masses of products servicing each one. But as i say - this is how you must procede - break down the complex and seemingly impossible puzzle into smaller puzzles which are less daunting.

Of all four parts of the puzzle, the single most important is the last step. If you have enough traffic, eventually you will sell something - even if it is an adsense click. i want you to think back to every promotion you have ever read and think about what single piece of information is missing. Got it yet? They might tell you they sold 1000 units on release day, but what they will NOT tell you is how many visitors they had. If they did sell 1000 units - you can gaurantee they had alot more than 1000 visitors. 50,000, 100,000 or maybe half a million is more likely. I hope you can see that the question is not what is so great about this product that 1000 people have bought it, the question is - how did they get that volume of traffic to thier website.

We'll deal with that in a future article, but I want you to keep the two important lessons from this article in mind. When confronted with a broad problem, solutions are harder to come by, but when you break it in to specific smaller problems, you can seek specific assistance, and answers come more freely. This applies not only to Internet marketing, but to any problem you encounter.

When dealing specifically with Internet marketing, this article gives you the broad formula you need to succeed. 4 things that must be addressed every time you want to launch a promotion. believe me - once you get it right the first time, the second time becomes easier, and every time after that you will tweak something in one of those categories, and the results will come a little easier. But if there is one category that you MUST understand and master as quickly as possible - it is how to generate the necessary traffic to your site.

Best wishes with all your online endeavors. Get all the information you need to be successful with online marketing at