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People Magazine Crossword Puzzles

I never really believe in bringing items with you as conversation starters. Well what do you know, it actually works!

I experienced it myself. After a visit from the veterinarian I brought my puppy along to the grocery store to do some shopping. I couldn’t believe it when complete strangers passed by and looked at us with eyes wide open and bright smiles. Some comments like “what a cute puppy” and “ is it a he or a she?” Some people even went to the extent of going near me and patted my mixed poodle -terrier three month old puppy.

I said to myself “wow , what a way to meet someone!” It was effortless. You don’t have to risk rejection, muster courage, withstand dry mouth and weak wobbly knees just to talk to someone for the first time. So from that time on, I thought with the right props, the right location and time, you are bound to meet new people and rev up your “social rocket” out in the launch pad.

Here are some tips on what to bring to get that good topics of conversation going. Choose conversation starters that you feel suit you personality.

1.Books.- With provocative titles like “ The grass is greener over the septic tank” or “What color is your parachute?” will surely illicit questions or comments.

2.T-shirt- Wear something with a phrase in a foreign language. A sports team, A Janet Jackson concert t-shirt.

3.Magazines- You can actually target someone you’d like to meet, by carrying a magazine that would appeal to his or her interests. You want to meet a fashionista? Bring Vogue, Details or GQ. An architect? Bring Architectural Digest. You get my point.

4.Travel Brochures- Pull out travel brochure from your bag about an exotic place. You can ask the one sitting next to you if he or she has been there already or know someone from there.

5.Sheet Music- Do you go gaga for a musician or local jazz singer? Carry sheet music geared to the type of music maker you have in mind.

6.A camera- Invite a female friend to the beach. When you spot a cutie ask him to snap a picture of the two of you, then offer to take his picture and email it to him. You now have his email and when you email his photo you can drop him a note.

7.Crossword puzzles- While you are nursing a double tall peppermint frappuccino at a local Starbucks you can bring along a crossword puzzle section of your local newspaper. Then ask that cute person next to your table if (s)he knows a three letter word for “untruth”. If (s)he answers “egg” please don’t laugh.

With this knowledge at your arsenal you can meet interesting people anywhere, anytime. Remember your favorite things are good conversation starters. Why not bring one item now when you head off to the nearest laundry shop?

Jovita Orais is an avid researcher. She writes on various topics including life balance, performance excellence, fulfillment, personal creativity, creative visualization,being rooted and anything related to self-improvement.

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