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Personalized Hometown Jigsaw Puzzle

I have walked through a countless number of stores searching for a Mother's Day gift and I always see the same things. A nice blouse, a trinket for the kitchen, or perhaps a bottle of perfume (do they all smell the same to you too, or is it just me?). After three stores I am tired and frustration begins to set in.

At this point I am asking myself serious questions. Is it ok to get that great "one" gift that Mom loved a few years ago, but maybe in a slightly different style or shape? Will she like it as much and does she really need another? This is the jigsaw puzzle that was my life and I tend to think that I am not alone. Last year I tried something new.

If you read my article "A Little Something Special Goes a Long Way", you will learn that I have a great deal of "gift giving" experience. I have wowed clients time and time again with personalized gift baskets that I found online and I attribute the thoughtful uniqueness of my furnishings as sustaining me through one of the toughest times, if not the toughest time, in the hotel industry's history. A thought occurred to me last year that was one of those things that was right there in front of my face and I did not see it for several years before it smacked me right between the eyes.

Could I get the same type of reaction from Mom on Mother's Day if I show up with a personalized gift basket in hand? Would she talk about the contents for months to come? I gave it a shot and sure enough, it was a HUGE hit! She absolutely loved it! Suddenly the 14k gold Star of David that I gave her a few years back faded into the past. I was now her number one son (of three). In all seriousness, it was a huge success and it brought truth to the saying that sometimes the answers to questions sometime lie within the simplest of solutions.

As a result of my success, I have spent hours searching for personalized items that I have used to wow clients and my Mom, and I have brought them to you via virtual space. I hope that you will find one of my hand picked items to meet your Mother's Day gift needs. From my tiny brain to your computer screen! Good luck in your search and remember that the special day is Sunday, May 8th.

Eric Gans