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Photo Jigsaw Puzzles

Photo jigsaw puzzles are made from photos, magazine pages, children's drawings or any image printed on paper.

Technology has improved jigsaw puzzles too. The latest trend is pre-cut blank jigsaw puzzles. These are specially created to be used with heat transfers made from color laser copiers, sublimation, thermal wax transfers and ink jet transfers. Other uses for these puzzles include screen printing or airbrushing. One such technique now enables the use of a home household iron to create a magnificent one of a kind personalized photo jigsaw puzzle.

There are several puzzle manufacturing companies that offer you the option of e-mailing a photograph to them and getting it back in the form of a jigsaw puzzle. Size, number of pieces and other such details are left to the customer to decide.

Photo jigsaw puzzles are made unique by using specific piece styles. The customer is given a wide range of styles to choose from. A very popular piece style among youngsters is the shape of cupid. Photo jigsaw puzzles are a favored Valentine';s Day gift. Several shops offer personalized Valentine?s Day jigsaw puzzles.

Photo jigsaw collage puzzles are very popular nowadays. These puzzles are exactly what the name indicates -- collages of different photographs. The photos are generally linked by a theme. These photographs are put together in an aesthetically appealing manner and some text is also added as a special touch.

Sports fans appreciate collages of photographs of their sporting heroes. Grandparents treasure one featuring all their grandchildren, or photos of themselves with their grandchildren. Parents appreciate a collage made of photographs of happy family occasions.

Putting together bits and pieces of personalized photo jigsaw puzzles of your family, pet or vacation memories is a great way to spend quality time with the family. These puzzles are often treasured as family heirlooms.

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