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Photo Puzzle

If you are planning for a wedding in the near future one that that is often forgotten but is very important is the wedding guest book. This is vitally important to the wedding because it is one of the most important treasured memories that you will keep tucked away for a long time to come. It is a record of all the guests that have attended the wedding and there is no better way to remember a wonderful wedding then going through the wedding guest book and reading all the thoughtful comments that were left by guests.

Since this will become such a treasured memory you will want to pick a unique wedding guest book that you will enjoy pulling out. You will find some of the most popular but also most unique ideas for a wedding guest book in the article below.

Themed Wedding Guest book -
Often the first choice for most people is to tie the theme of the wedding in with the guest book. Since this is the first things that guests to the wedding will see it can be your first chance to plant the theme of the wedding in your guests minds. So this is not very shocking but if you have a fairy tale theme wedding with knights in shinning armor and a beautiful white horse etc. Then you will want to pick a wedding guest book that follows along with this magical fair tale theme.

Wedding Guest Book Platter -
For a very unique guest book you can use a specially made ceramic platter or plate. These are very fun alternatives that are very easy to display after the wedding in your home. There are many companies online that make these they are easy to find. However, they make for a unique wedding guest book that your guests are sure to remember.

Photo Wedding Guest Book -
These unique wedding guest books used to be done with Polaroid photos. In fact they still can be, however with digital cameras and small portable digital camera printers this can easily be modernized and updated. This is a very easy yet unique guest book that can create many fun memories of the wedding in a very visual way. Simply take a picture of the Bride and Groom with a digital camera. Print the photo and glue insert it into either a photo album or a regular guest book. They should then put a little message in the guest book to their guests. Something like "Thanks for coming to our wedding, it is a big special day for us and we hope you will enjoy it also." Then leave this out with a Polaroid or digital camera and enough film to ensure that everyone get a few chances to take pictures. As guests come in they can take their picture and place it into the guest book with a little message.

Puzzle Guest Book-
Yet another fun and very unique guest book idea. You can do this by taking a favorite picture of the couple before the big day and turning this into a large puzzle. There are many places online that can easily turn a photo into a large puzzle. Then assemble the puzzle

Monogrammed Wedding Guest Book-
This can add a touch of class to your wedding guest book. Have a custom made wedding guest book that has the monogram of the Bride and Groom.

These are just a few of the many ideas that you can use to make a creative and unique wedding guest book. The ideas are really endless and you can go for something simple to something unique and unusual. It is all up to you and you wedding theme.

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