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Photo Puzzles

I came across a woman
she shared no emotions that felt kind
not with me.
Country song lyrics came to mind.
No smiles
no eyes that said today could be special.
No energy
except for her own sullenness
her own self indulgence.

I became someone in parenthesis.
No matter my life may have in fact known darker days
she would never know.
I don't suppose it really matters.
It is not as if she and I would ever be friends.

Yet the day would have
could have
had a softer presence.

It take so little really
just a little smile
a simple recognition.
It takes so little to rise to the occasion
see life outside of ones own breath.
Photo puzzles deciphered
country lyrics understood
just one wing in the fire.

I have thought of her
on an off
since that day I saw her sitting
slumped over
measuring my worth?
I am not sure of that.
I would not want to be unfair.

There was a breeze that day
I heard it gently in my ear.
It touched me through my hair.
I was reminded of different days
hard days
difficult days
a wing
just one left behind
and in the fire
more than a country lyric
more than a bad song.
Sad days
photo puzzles
never finding their place on the shelf.
Days I did not want to be in.

I then thought about that woman
decided to give her the benefit of the doubt
reasons to be sullen.
Paths I could not be savvy to.
One never knows.

and yet
I want to feel the rain
the breeze
share smiles
no matter what.
Hope beyond
a wing that burns
have a glint in my eye
to share
even if no one looks up.

ABOUT Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

I paint and sculpt female fantasy art and map faery tale adventures. I dream of beautiful women on canvas and art of exotic women.

I have illustrated for Hay House Inc.,"Women Who Do Too Much" CARDS taken from Anne Wilson Schaef's book. I also illustrated for Neil Davidson, who was considered for the Pulitzer Prize in feature writing, and several other publications. My paintings are collected worldwide.

Giclee canvas art work, greeting cards & posters are available for sale on my website:
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