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Piece By Betsy Geert Puzzle Jigsaw Or Jig - Saw

As with many parts of jewelry making, using a jig is a matter of preference. You will find the longer you make jewelry, the more tools you will add to your collection. This is especially true if you are intrigued by new projects you see in magazines and on the Internet. There are just so many choices!

A jig can be used to make different findings. Many of the same findings can also be made with round-nose pliers. A jig is a great way to make unique, one of a kind designs.

There are different types of jigs. The peg sizes will vary. You will need to take this in to consideration, as well as the gauge of the wire you will be using on your project. It is recommend you use cheaper wire in the beginning until you have the feel for it.

An experienced jewelry maker may decide to use the jig for production reasons. This is a practical way to reproduce pieces quickly. This is an easy way to make more than one piece at a time. The artist who uses this tool accomplishes the desire for consistency.

Whether you use a jig or not is really a personal decision. This tool would be an asset to your collection. It is not limited to being used by an experienced artist. Why not give it a try?

The experienced jewelry artists and the beginner, are likely to be comfortable using this tool. The manufacturers are typically good about providing easy to understand instructions on how to use it. They often supply the purchaser with free projects.

I am a jewelry maker. I mainly use gemstones, Swarovski crystals, and sterling silver wire. They make sure beautiful jewelry. Some even believe gemstones have healing powers.