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Playing Online Sudoku Can Be Lots Of Fun

Thanks to the internet you do not have to wait for the newspaper to show up with the next game of Sudoku. Playing online Sudoku is easy to do and you can play for free too. Here are a few places to do that.

There are many popular places to play Sudoku online. One of the most popular is They offer several levels of competition from easy to hard to evil. It was started in 2005 and offers billions of games and puzzles to challenge everyone at every ability level. They attract millions of visitors everyday. Here is their advice on solving a Sudoku puzzle:

Think logically about the puzzles, rather than guessing. This means you should only enter a number once you're sure about it. To get started, look for a number that appears a lot in the grid, and try to work out where else it should go. Also look for rows, columns or 3x3 boxes which are almost full, and see if you can place any of the numbers that are missing.

The World Sudoku League offers a new new Sudoku board uploaded every night a midnight. You can register for a free account to be able to access your scores and rankings. If you do upgrade to a Gold account member.

As a gold member, you have unlimited access to our aptly named No Limit Sudoku, where you can choose which level of difficulty you want, and play anytime and as much as you desire.

Gold members can also download the Sudoku Master 3 mobile game for free and use it to connect to World Sudoku League and play both Daily Sudoku and No Limit Sudoku online.

Online Sudoku really wets the appetite for the player who can not get enough of the wildly popular game. You can play 24 hours a day for free or with a private membership. The choice is yours.

There's a Sudoku article at which contains many more solving tips. They may not solve the puzzles for you, but they do offer a pencil option which you can use where you type in one number in a cell and the numbers automatically shrink to show up to 5 possible numbers entered.

Another popular online website for Sudoku is which offers free puzzles. They offer a free newsletter by email where you can receive tips and new games to play.

Learn how to master Sudoku with Sudoku Puzzle Secrets a complete guide covering everything you need to know in order to solve Sudoku puzzles to include how to eliminate the extraneous, what exactly unique grids are and how to use them, how to properly search for the lone number and how to use cross hatching to your advantage. Become a master Sudoku player now with