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Printable 16 Square Sudoku Puzzles

Maybe you've noticed lately that plates have become a little square. That's right, they are downright square in shape. Now, I can imagine that once upon a time, the thought of eating off of a square plate would be considered a bit strange. I mean, plates have been a nice round shape ever since they were invented right?

Well, the square dinnerware set has changed all of that. Square dinnerware is gaining in popularity and is now gracing quite a few dinner tables where once only the traditional round plate lay.

What brought on this squarification of tableware?

I don't know, but I sure do like it. In fact, I own a few square dinnerware sets myself and I want more. I got rid of all my round plates and completely restocked with the square look. Right now I own Asian square dinnerware and clear square dinnerware plates. I fell in love with the clear look because it's classy and can go with just about any kind of table setting you have.

I have Asian square dinnerware in two different patterns that I absolutely love. One is a red plate with black Chinese lettering and the other is a white plate with a delicate green leaf pattern. It sure gives out a wow factor when you eat your Chinese take out off of these beautiful plates.

Besides Asian square dinnerware, the most desired square sets are the black square dinnerware, the red square dinnerware and square white dinnerware. These plates are clean, simple, fresh and modern. Of course, I have nothing against round plates - I still eat from round plates when dining out. However, right now, I'm simply crazy about my square plates.

So, if you haven't yet gotten a square dinnerware set, go ahead and "dare to go square" you'll find that they will give your table a whole new look - and that's really cool.

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