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Printable Celebrity Crossword Puzzles

A celebrity is primarily known as a singer, musician, dancer, comedian, TV / radio host or anything else in the entertainment business.

It is what most people aspire to be, thinking that fame is only about the click and whir of the camera lens.

Making sense of celebrity, however, is difficult. It's almost like a David Blaine illusion.

Celebrity is the chastisement of merit and the punishment of talent.

Think about it, a celebrity is not exactly a model.

What happens if the reputation of the celebrity is damaged, or if he/she is disgraced or imprisoned?

Like greatness, celebrity is a transitory experience. He/she works hard all his/her life to become well known, then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognized.

It is in these instances that the myth of the celebrity is momentraily dispelled and we see just how frivilous these people are, no different than you or I.

What happens in the phoney world of celebrity is often symbolic of developments in the real world that affect us all ... and rarely for the better.

Whatever the claim to fame, the celebrity is not known for deep thinking.

It is about always being in the public view, and is measured in cameras.

It is not about art but about people seeking attention to themselves.

A popular celebrity is the last person Europeans would trust for advice.

The public avidity for celebrity is ugly, ignorant and dangerous.

So if you do have dreams of becoming a celebrity, think long and hard about what it really means, before you plunge into something you might regret.

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