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Heaven on earth birthday secrets make a birthday into an unforgettable day

Do you love some one with a birthday coming soon? Maybe it is a son or daughter, husband or wife, best friend, or even your 'ex' but you still love them, only in a new way.

Birthdays are the time we can make someone feel special. Here are five key tips for 'specializing' someone on their birthday:

1. Think ahead. Nothing is worse than missing a birthday, or having your card and present arrive late... late wishes always convey the subtext that you weren't really thinking of them or their birthday. List important birthdays on your calendar and review your calendar every weekend to see what's coming up in the next two weeks.

2. Send a card, and possibly a present, 4-7 days ahead of time if you won't be with them on their birthday. Nothing conveys your love and warmth better than the thoughtfulness of sending a card that arrives 1-2 days before the real birthday.

3. Call them on their birthday. They might be busy. You might be busy. But a quick phone call on their birthday again conveys that they are in your thoughts - and in your heart. It's fine to just leave a quick voice mail. The point isn't that you have to speak with them on their birthday, but that they are in your thoughts and they are important enough to you that you took the time to call them.

4. Tell them this. Both in your card, and in your phone call, what matters is expressing your care or love for this person. It's saying the simple, but important words: 'I love you', 'I'm thinking of you', 'you are in my heart today on your birthday'.

Now can you imagine how unforgettable your birthday would be if just some of your friends or family did the above? So start now, and make the world a better place by remembering and expressing birthday wishes to those you love.

Free printable birthday cards can be easily found on the Internet and printed on your color printer in moments. When not expressing birthday wishes, Mitch also uses free printable Christmas cards and printable greeting cards.