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Printable Easy Crossword Puzzles

Printable baby shower games are easy to understand, provide lots of entertainment, and ensure that Mom, and all her friends enjoy what is likely to be the last party before the new arrivals makes his, or her, appearance! Printing games, and/or instructions for games, allows the game leader to facilitate the activity, so that less time is spent trying to understand the object of the game, and more time having fun.

A great printable baby shower game is called: “Who’s that Baby?” In order to play this game, each guest, including the mother to be, brings a baby picture of herself, and puts it into a box with a slot cut into the top, so that nobody knows which baby picture belongs to each adult. Beside the box will be printed, numbered, lists of the guests’ names. The hostess begins the game by reaching into the box and taking out pictures one at a time, and passing them down. The pictures are kept in order by the last person in the circle. As the pictures are passed, each person guesses which photo belongs to which adult.

Another fun, printable baby shower game is simple, but hilariously funny. Have one cohort who knows the object of this game, because you will need help. The cohort has a pen and paper. As the mother to be opens each new gift, what she says is written down. Once all the gifts have been opened, the hand written list of comments is passed around the room. Each guest says, “on the night your baby was conceived, you said”: and reads the comment she made while opening a gift. For example, "after conceiving your baby, you said, "Look at how tiny this is!" This is just a spin off of reading your fortune cookie, and adding the words, “in bed” after them, but like the fortune cookie game, everyone is sure to laugh out loud at this printable party game.

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