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Printable Jumble Word Puzzles

Many of the games on the market have a tendency to fall into a number of the same themes: action adventure, superhero, science-fiction, historical, pop culture, etc. One of the more underrepresented games on the market is those games that deal with the seasons and holidays of the year. Now, it is true that there are a number of Christmas and Halloween related games that are perennial sellers year after year. It would be tough to miss these games as they generally are quite commonly prominently placed on store shelves when the holiday season rolls around. Of course, this is not to infer that all season and holiday themed games are commonly visible. In fact, some are downright underrepresented. One such holiday that is often not commonly represented on toy shelves if the holiday of Thanksgiving and this is unfortunate. Well, you can correct this slight and oversight with the purchase of the cool Thanksgiving printable game Harvest Word Scramble.

This is also another Thanksgiving printable game that revolves around racing the other players in order to win. That is to say, the players must unscramble the various trick words they are given to uncover the harvest and Thanksgiving themed words that lie under the surface. The player that is able to uncover the word first collects the points and the player who amasses the most points wins the game. Yup, the person who can prove to be the best of the best can claim the mantel of being the top player. It is as simple as that and it is also fun too!

The game is not overly difficult to play and it is not overly competitive either and this makes it a welcome and fun and enjoyable game to play during the Thanksgiving season. So, get in on all the fun and give Harvest Word Scramble a try!

Harvest Word Scramble is a great game to play if you like Thanksgiving word games. You can find more printable games at